Picked For A Purpose 2: Seeds & Weeds

Posted at 05:49am on 6th September 2016


Have you ever felt useless? As if nothing you do has any meaning or purpose? Ever thought you didn't fit in? In your family? At school? At work? Or that everyone else was more successful? While you . . .? Well!

These are the questions I ask when I'm invited to give my testimony, and be they men or women in my audience, people with a faith or with none, the response never ceases to surprise me. At first, with obvious embarrassment, they'll keep their heads down, glancing surreptitiously at one another. Then, in response to the second question, a hand or two will go up. A few more will follow suit for the third question. And a host of others for the fourth. Until, eventually, almost all the audience is participating, laughing awkwardly about their admission, yet - I feel sure - relieved to see that they are not alone. Which is when I begin to tell them my story.


It's a story that grew out of the depression I described in my last post. A story of seeds being sown - in my life and, possibly, in yours. Seeds of skills, talents and opportunities that have the potential to take root to bring positivity and purpose to your life. Seeds that can grow and blossom into a great gifting or career. Seeds that may, ultimately, bear fruit that will be of use to others.


Then there are those that grow fast, only to wither and die. The yearnings we have for success in a particular direction which proves to be unattainable. And yet others that may be pecked away by the crows of circumstance and misadventure - never to see fruition. It's a story of what I call weeds - criticism by others that result in self-doubt. Weeds that threaten to choke the life out of the seeds that survive. Of seeds that die when we give up on things.


It's a story of the soil in which they have been planted - our family life and education - and the toil that goes into perfecting it. A story of roots and shoots. The hobbies we try out. Of being nipped in the bud by rivals. Of understanding that, in doing so, they may actually be leaving more room for others to thrive. Of being pruned and propagated by caring supporters. Of blossoming. And finally of bearing fruit and being harvested. Because this is God's story for us all. He has created us to bear fruit. Each and every one of us. We have been picked by him for a purpose.

Read it and assimilate the truths it relays. Read it because it may be that my story, though different in its events, is yours, too, symbolically. Read it so that you might discern and use your gifts. Read it that you might know the joy of fulfilling your potential and making this world a better place. Read it so that you may parent and teach your children in a different light.

So may I encourage you? Cast your mind back. Put the seeds and weeds in your life into God's hands. Ask him to show you how best they might thrive and bear fruit. Allow my story to shine light on the shadows of your memories.
  • Have you ever felt useless, or that there was no purpose in your life?
  • How - if at all - did you get through that?

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Twice a wife, three times a mum, and seven times a grandma, Merrilyn Williams is also a multi-published author with a Sunday Times No 4 Bestseller.
Now writing fiction, as Mel Menzies, her books are available from Waterstones, Amazon and, at discount via PayPal, from her book page www.melmenzies.co.uk/books
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