Miracles In The Making

Posted at 15:49pm on 29th March 2023

Have you ever been faced with traumatic circumstances and wondered how on earth you would cope? Physically? Mentally? Medicinally? Financially? Of course you have! With the Covid pandemic, Russian assault on Ukraine and resulting economic set-backs, who hasn't!


I had to bring my thirty-five year writing career to an end when pain in my shoulder made typing, or holding a pen, impossible. Sent by my doctor to undertake physiotherapy, I endured nearly two years of being told that the reason the pain had failed to recede was because I was not doing the exercises properly.

Then, literally a few days before Lockdown in the UK, with a scan having revealed that a nerve in my shoulder was trapped beneath a bone that had grown out of all proportion, I was sent to hospital for surgery. With the bone having been chipped away, and thus freeing up the nerve, I was sent home, the same day, pain free, and I have never looked back.

But is there ever an end to trauma?


Some years earlier, a good friend of mine had a chronically painful back - probablyDavid Pawson (1930-2020): One of the greatest Bible teachers ... sciatica. I told her I would

take her to Exeter. The purpose in my doing so was because David Pawson, an evangelical minister, was leading a healing service, and I wanted my friend to know the power of miracles in the making.

The theatre where the event was held was packed! One by one, people with ailments from head to toe were invited to come up on stage, where they were prayed for, then returned to their seats. When David reached the shoulder as the next part of the body to be in need of healing, my friend gladly took her place, and returned triumphant.

At last we had reached the end. Or so I thought!

'There is someone here with shoulder, face, and neck problems who has not come forward,' said David Pawson.

Heads turned, as everyone in the audience surveyed one another. Personally, I cringed.

'Whoever you are, you must come forward,' David insisted. 'God is telling me so.'

Eventually, when no one else complied, I walked across the hall, mounted the stairs, and – not for the first time – stood on stage before hundreds of people. But this was different! As an author and speaker, I stood alone, and in control. All introvert tendencies – the energy-sapping disposition of being in a crowd – would be null and void. Not now! For one thing I was not alone. Second, I had no command over what was to come.

'So what is your health issue?' I was asked. 'Tell me, so we can pray for you and know God's healing power.'

I shuddered. Blushing, and stammering, I relayed the diagnosis I had been given.

'I have follicular mucinosis,' I whispered. 'A rare, inflammatory, skin condition on the face, neck and shoulder. I've had injections, but to no avail. My cousin, who is a dermatologist, told me there is no cure.'

David repeated the name and description of my complaint, so that the audience could hear and understand.

'It may be incurable, medicinally,' he concluded. 'But God's power can conquer anything and everything.'

He then laid hands upon me, and prayed aloud.

'God tells me the cure will not be instantaneous,' he said when he'd finished. 'But it will come about in due course.'

How right he was! Within a matter of weeks, my unhealable condition was healed. As was the pain my friend had endured.

Never again would I remain silent in respect of any infirmity. Never again would I doubt the possibility of it being healed. And neither should you.

God is good! Creator of the world and all that is in it, his love and power is unending. And unsurpassable. A miracle in the making. If you are an unbeliever, just go to your local church and ask the minister to pray for you. You might be surprised to learn of God's love for you.

If you have a similar experience to recount, and would like it to go public, do let me know, and I may be able to put it up on my blog.

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