Hirschsprung, Ibs, Abdominal Pain & A Low Fodmap Diet: Reintroduction Table

Posted at 07:46am on 4th August 2018

Having been diagnosed only twenty-five years ago as suffering from Hirschspung - an intestinal disorder I was born with - I have endured decades of pain and embarrassment. Then, thanks to my lovely daughter - a teacher, who is good at directing her pupils and nagging where necessary - I succumbed and went to see a dietitian. She then explained the the matter of FODMAPs - Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Mono-saccharides, And Polyols - all types of carbohydrate which are poorly absorbed into the digestive system and are often attributed to abdominal pain and discomfort.

This has become increasingly apparent as I've grown older, and meant that I was admitted to hospital by ambulance, as an emergency, on no fewer than six times in twelve months. Thankfully, eliminating the FODMAPs has hugely improved the quality of my life. It is, however, a diet which can only be safely followed for a limited period.

I'll write more about the diet, itself, in due course. But for now, I simply want to show the easiest way to reintroduce the FODMAPs in the correct order when the elimination period is over. So here is the table I've created. Each food in turn should be taken in increasing amounts - per your dietitian's instructions - on three consecutive days. The columns to the right of the FODMAPs, are used to indicate your reaction. I've used green for OK - i.e. no abdominal pain; orange for some discomfort; and red for a bad reaction - in which case, as shown, reintroduction should be suspended for three days in a 'washout' period.
More next time.

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