Guest Book Review: Picture Perfect By Jodi Picoult

Posted at 21:10pm on 11th July 2010

When I heard that Yvonne North (wife of author, Anthony North) was reading a book about domestic abuse I thought I must ask her if she would write a book review. I'm delighted to say that she agreed, and submitted the excellent appraisal that follows.


Jodi Picoult, as usual, has written an informative book, this time on the problems of domestic violence.

In Picture Perfect, the main character, Dr Cassandra Barrett teaches anthropology at UCLA. She meets and falls in love with Hollywood movie star Alex Rivers. However, what starts as a good marriage, soon turns to something not idealistic.


This book raises the issue of how much a woman can love a man, and yet be blind to what's happening to her, believing each time when he says he is "sorry", that he won't do it again.


But Jodi shows Alex's side. Brought up by a violent father, he believes the only way to be a man is to be violent to others. This is his only role model. Sadly, although Alex does'nt want to be like this, his emotions will always get the better of him.


But life is never black and white. Women, today, still like the idea of the strong, silent, macho man. But society says the opposite, which in the real world will never happen.

Written by Yvonne North

Photograph: Yvonne
With domestic violence against women so prolific, this book - a novel - may be of more help to those who believe that love must be blind than one with a more academic approach. Thank you Yvonne, for bringing it to our attention.

If you have read a book that you've found uplifting, or something that addresses the social issues of our time, and you'd like to submit a book review, please send it to me for my consideration.

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1st March 2013
at 3:58pm
Supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" in all our communities,from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends.Thank you.
12th April 2013
at 10:58pm
Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Domestic Violence" from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends. Thank you.
15th December 2016
at 6:26pm
I just read this book myself. And although I applaud the attempt to shed light on a serious issue, I think this book fell flat.
16th December 2016
at 3:36am
Thank you for your comment on Jodi Picoult's book, Picture Perfect, which you felt was somewhat lacking. Is this, perhaps, because you've experienced domestic violence yourself, Awa? Or you've witnessed it near to hand? One of my books in the Evie Adams series, Time to Shine, deals with the issue of verbal abuse - what, in the past, has been referred to as 'gaslamping'. This sort of put-down, although subtle, can be very destructive, but in the novel, Evie (a counsellor) helps her client to find a way through. Although a novel, it's what I call a mystery with a message. In addition to entertaining, you may find it helpful, Awa.

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